GLOBAL MANAGING PARTNERS - EUROPE - Health Care/ Medical Devices/ Pharma/ Biotech Executive Search

GLOBAL MANAGING PARTNERS - EUROPE - Health Care/ Medical Devices/ Pharma/ Biotech Executive Search

The International Service Group ( is one of the leading recruitment companies world-wide and is currently running global business operations in 43 office-locations and with a number of approx. 600 employees (consultants and reserachers). As an "All-in-One"- service-provider the ISG-group is offering its service portfolio in the following areas: Recruiting und Executive Search, Development & Training, Diagnostic Services and Outplacement. With the new Global Competence Center, the ***ISG-Healthworld*** the ISG-Group has recently opened the gates for its global Health Care clients. ISG-Healthworld is a completely unique Competence Center where the ISG-Group is servicing its global and international clients within the allied Health Care sectors and related Health Care Sub-Industries. Due to our dynamic global growth strategy we are now looking for several TOP-Managers/TOP-Executive Search Professionals to cover a very unique and strategically important position as:

GLOBAL MANAGING PARTNERS (M/F) All countries within the entire EMEA-Region *** ISG-HEALTHWORLD *** Health Care-/ Medical Devices-/ Pharma-/ Biotech- Executive Search (m/w)

We are a GLOBAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH Company with an excellent client and candidate network and a profound health care market knowledge. We speak to the most renowned and highly qualified health care industry leaders. We address directors, vice presidents, general managers, business managers, senior managers, engineers and scientists from all global regions who are currently seeking new challenges and career opportunities. Our company clients are the Top 200, most attractive employers within the Medical Devices-, Pharma-, Biotech-, Healthcare- and Hospital business.

We offer recruiting & executive search services at all professional career levels by focusing on all functional areas like: Commecial Marketing & Sales, Health Ecomomics, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management, Hospital Management, Medical Assignments, Health Care - IT & Informatics, Scientific Research, Preclinical- & Clinical Development, Medical Automation, Medical Manufacturing, -Prototyping & -OEM, Health Care Communications- and Advertising. As our first priority, we are looking for independant entrepreneurial Managing Partners located within the entire EMEA-region.

Only independent and self-employed SENIOR ENTREPRENEURS who gained their LONG YEAR EXPERIENCE IN HEALTH CARE-, MEDICAL DEVICES-, LIFE SCIENCE- OR PHARMA- EXECUTIVE SEARCH within a leading Recruiting- and Executive Search firm, may apply. We are offering a rigorous bonus scheme and the unique opportunity to join on of the most excellent search-networks on an independent and entrepreneurial basis where we will grow together and share our knowledge with the various health care clients.

The following tasks will await you:

  • Setting up your own sole proprietorship!
  • Acquiring the business license for the profession "recruitment consultant/staffing agent" (if needed and depending on local/national political law).
  • You will start as an independent Managing Partner at your international home-office location or - as an alternative option - in one of our local office affiliates.
  • Independent organization and development of your business at local, regional, national and international level.
  • Ability to work independently from the Home Office or at one of our international office locations.
  • Further development and expansion of you own team, focusing on our Health Care-Competence Center, the "ISG Health World".
  • Extensive professional Sales and project acquisition activities.
  • Implementation of the entire recruiting process, locally, regionally, nationally, internationally and globally!
  • International and global project management.
  • Management of the whole selection process of national and international applicants.
  • Comprehensive execution of all organizational and administrative matters.
  • Effective time-management and self-management.
  • Implementation of various telemarketing and direct mailing campaigns.
  • Preparation of job profiles, design and texting of job-postings.
  • Candidates search via internal and external databases.
  • Candidates search via executive search/direct search methodologies.
  • Candidates search using various social media recruiting strategies.
  • Address/designation of Candidates using different media channels (social media, blogs, discussion forums, marketplaces, etc.)
  • Candidates pre-selection.
  • Conduction of telephone-interviews with candidates.
  • Implementation of structured personal candidates interviews.
  • Qualitative assessment of CVs / application documents, international education and career paths.
  • Textual design and preparation of various documents.
  • Preparation of candidate reports, status reports, phone lists, etc.
  • Coordination of candidates interviews with clients, etc.
  • Provision of adequate Candidate feedback.

We are looking for the following international top competence /
TOP Manager profile:

  • Entrepreneurial, self-organized and mature personality.
  • "Winner" mentality! Absolute motivation and will to succeed!
  • Personal ability to build and expand professional business processes.
  • Personal ability to lead and motivate international people and teams!
  • Build and lead professional teams and let them reach performance-targets!
  • (Completed) Bachelor's or Master's degree from a leading college or university.
  • Major focus in one or more of the following Industries/core competence areas: Health / Healthcare Management, Pharma & Generics, Medical Devices & -Technology, Biotechnology, Hospital Chains/Hospital Management, Consumer Healthcare, Healthcare IT & Bio-Informatics, Medical Automation, Clinical Nutrition, General Medicine, Nursing Sciences (or similar topics associated with health care).
  • Exceptional understanding and deep in-depth knowledge of the health sector, ideally in the areas of: Pharma, MedTech, Biotech, Consumer Healthcare, Hospital Groups or Heath Care-IT.
  • Existing local, national or international network in the following areas: Pharma, MedTech, Biotech, Consumer Healthcare, Hospitals or Heath Care-IT.
  • Absolute passion for life-long learning.
  • Very good MS Office and general IT user skills.
  • Exceptional social media skills!
  • Advanced XING / LinkedIn - user knowledge (including search methodologies)!
  • Very good command of German and English language in a spoken and written context.
  • Additional language skills are very much appreciated and strongly desirable, such as: Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, etc.
  • Very good manners/personal habits at top international level!
  • Advanced cultural understanding and intercultural competence.
  • Very good rhetoric skills and personal linguistic proficiency.
  • Friendly, elegant, courteous, sophisticated and communicative personality.
  • Self-structured, precise and well-organized workflow/mode of operation.
  • Forward-looking, visionary personality with development potential at all functional levels.
  • Open mentality, Readiness to communicate and network with people in general.
The salary of a managing partner is between €100.000,- and €300.000,- p.a, depending on experience and background.

If this job-posting with the Reference Number 69.901 sounds interesting to you, we would invite you to apply directly over our career-platform ISG-Karriereportal or per e-Mail. Please also visit our Global Competence-Center the ***ISG-Healthworld*** under:

- Here you can find our daily job assignments within the global Health Care sector.